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Today Is Sunday, November 29

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Daily Announcements


Ms. Thomas ' class has been busy getting ready for some special events during November.  Every child participated in making decorative coasters that were then sold at the state Exceptional Children's Conference in Greensboro.  The children painted and drew pictures on tiles and made assorted designs.  They had a great time.  Also, the class worked on their manners In order to prepare for the annual luncheon at Bermuda Run hosted by the Bermuda Run Garden Club.  They had lots of great Thanksgiving food and lots of fellowship.  Another great month.


1st  Grade

Angelina Etter and Mia White’s first grade class has been learning about the place value in math. The class has practiced counting tens and ones to figure out two-digit numbers, building numbers using tens and ones manipulatives. The class has also learned to compare numbers using the greater than, less than, and equal to signs. In reading the class has enjoyed reading Thanksgiving stories. The class has read both fiction and non-fiction stories. The class has been practicing writing about problems and solutions in the stories. On Tuesday night, the first grade classes enjoyed a Daily 5 and Letterland night. The students were able to show parents what they do during Daily 5 in the classroom. On Wednesday, the classes participated in career day where they learned about many different occupations. The kids even dressed up like what they wanted to be when they grow-up. The class welcomed a new student to our school last week. The class was excited about making new friends. The class has done a great job of making her feel welcome.


 2nd Grade

Mrs. Easter's 2nd grade class created a text features poster using things we found in various magazines and texts. The students cut out and pasted all of the different text features they were able to find. Such as titles, bold print, maps, diagrams, photographs with captions, etc. The students also learned a text features rap (Whip Nae Nae rewritten) to help them remember all of the different ones. We are now text feature experts!


 3rd Grade

3rd grade traveled to Bethabara to learn about the Moravian settlement.  The students have been studying Colonial Times and about the lives of Pilgrim boys and girls.  We visited the Gemeinhaus and learned about the church.  We then toured the house learning about the sleeping quarters, the kitchen, and the school.  Students enjoyed a video about the history of Bethabara and learned two dances from that time period.  We then played traditional Colonial Games outside.  Finally, we toured the remains of the village and the old foundations of the original homes.  We enjoyed a walk through the gardens and went in replicas of old log buildings.  It was a great day!


4th Grade

The fourth graders have been reading Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and reviewing story elements.  They have enjoyed reading about Fudge and all of his adventures.  The students also worked in groups to discuss the book and created a park design.  In Social Studies, the students have been learning about the early settlements and colonies of North Carolina.  They have researched The Lost Colony in the computer lab and used the information to create a powerpoint presentation.  The students were very interested in what happened to the colony.


 5th Grade

Students in fifth grade had a great week last week. To start, students at Mocksville Elementary invited veterans from Mocksville to participate in our Veterans Day program. The fifth graders enjoyed a special treat and were able to hear the veterans give their experiences in the military first hand. The students loved hearing from them and had many questions to ask. Veterans Day was topped off with an assembly at the end of the day in which the fifth graders performed songs from each military branch. They also made a video thanking the veterans and displayed it for them. At the end of the week, on Friday, fifth grade took a trip to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheville. The students loved viewing and learning about all their favorite animals. 




EC Students

Ms. Reeves’ class is gearing up for the 2nd quarter! We've welcomed 2 new students; we're excited to see our classroom community grow! Students are beginning multiplication and division, exploring factors and multiples, and learning to add with regrouping. We're reviewing genres and just started a mini unit on fables and myths. Next week Ms. Reeves will be attending the EC Conference in Greensboro. There she and Ms. Thomas will sell the beautiful titles that our classes collaboratively decorated. With the holiday season around the corner, we have not only a lot to learn, but a lot to celebrate! 



Kindergarten students are working hard with numbers in math.  Various hands-on games are helping spark excitement and mastery.  They are having fun while learning the many ways to make a number.
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, students are also learning about the holiday and how it started.  Comparing and contrasting the first Thanksgiving with ours of today is quite eye opening for the kids!


 First Grade

Mrs. Whitesell's class and the rest of Mocksville Elementary School's 1st grade had an educational field trip to Horizons Unlimited in Salisbury, NC. At Horizons Unlimited the first graders visited a planetarium and learned about the Sun and Earth. They also had a lesson force and gravity with hands on workshops. Their field trip ended with a picnic and time to play in beautiful weather at Ellis Park. This week in school they learned the importance of celebrating Veteran's, in math they are learning place value, and they are beginning to learn all about Thanksgiving. It has been a busy and amazing week in Mrs. Whitesell's first grade class.

Second Grade

In Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Myers 2nd grade class we got to listen to a firefighter talk about fire safety.  The students got to watch a video and ask questions.  Last Friday, 2nd grade got together to do our annual Native American Village Day.  This is an opportunity for the students to experience what life would have been like so many years ago. We are working with our media specialist, Julie Marklin on Native American tribes across North America.  In reading we are reading Silly Tilly Thanksgiving.  This is a cute story about how friends come together to celebrate Thanksgiving and help each other.  In math we are learning how to add two digit numbers.