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Daily Announcements

When you’re learning about science, technology, engineering, and math, ANYTHING can happen! That’s what over sixty Mocksville Elementary School students learned this summer at four-week summer camp. Thanks to a generous grant from the Davie Community Foundation, this experience was offered at no cost to the students.

Each week of the camp had its own special theme. During “Human Machines” week, students learned that their bodies are machines. They built a model of a human body, learned how we can “trick” our senses, tasted a variety of foods to learn about the tongue, created body collages, and even designed their own obstacle courses to challenge their bodies. Students also experienced Zumba and yoga during the week.

During “Crazy Chemistry” week, students made “dancing” spaghetti, launched soda into the air, made homemade bubble gum, created a gooey solid/liquid substance called “ooblek”, and learned how to make lava lamps. Students learned about engineering this week as they built structures out of paper and created paper bridges that would hold 100 pennies.

“Earth Adventures” week included activities like creating a desert biome, making fossils, building terrariums, testing different filtering materials, and learning about scale by determining the “scale of a whale”. A big THANK YOU goes to Lowe’s Foods in Clemmons for letting us come tour and taste at their grocery store.

For “Freaky Physics” week, campers made craters of various sizes, built and erupted volcanoes, created catapults, made colorful foamy flows, and used “Makey Makeys” to learn about conductivity. Thank you to Sara Rhyne, the media specialist from Pinebrook Elementary, who volunteered to lead the “Makey Makey” activity. On the final day of camp, students took a trip to Discovery Place in Charlotte.